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A Solid ‘Base’ For Sustainable Growth

Base 26 is a complete program developed by marketing experts to help small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) navigate in today's changing marketing environment.  Our team has developed the insight and expertise to help transform your business to increase revenue and spurn growth.

The marketing environment has changed forever.  There really is no turning back.

The problem many buisnesses face is that any strategies and/or planning they are using was created n a different environment and is based on a different understanding of marketing and communication.  

In fact, most businesses are still operating with a more traditional mindset that doesn't consider today's new environment, including new technologies and new avenues for marketing and growth.

Since most SMB's don't have the resources to evaluate the new environment properly, it is difficult for them to be fully prepared for the changes taking place, and it is difficult for SMB’s to integrate the changing technologies.

Of course, this environment continues to evolve and any undertaking in this 'new' environ must be managed in order to keep up with the changes and adjust to new developments.  This presents additional problems.

Let us help you incorporate new strategic thinking, new planning, and complete management to accomodate the new environment and grow in the new environment.

From analysis and strategic planning to implementation, management, and business intelligence, we can help SMB's integrate new marketing technology for improved revenue and overall growth.

Did you know that as much as 70% of the research done by a consumer when interested in making a purchase is done prior to contacting a vendor?

Your Customer

How do you evaluate new media?  How do you evaluate viable options, viable alternatives, whether or not you should be involved, and return?

New Media

Did you know that 77% of consumers say they are more likely to purchase from a Company if the CEO tweets? Confidence?  Comfort?  You decide.

Customer Confidence